Erika Harold for U.S. Congress

I am running to represent Illinois’ 13th Congressional District. During the course of this campaign, I look forward to hearing your concerns regarding the challenges facing our country, sharing with you my ideas for strengthening our economy and protecting our fundamental liberties, and, hopefully, earning your support.


Harold's Got the Right Idea

News-Gazette Supports Debates

"Why not cut through the fog of phony campaign commercials by holding regular debates among the candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives from the 13th Congressional District?"

St. Louis Post Article

Former Miss America seeks support

"Part of the reason why I think that Congress has such a low approval rating is that people feel disenfranchised. We now have almost a professional political class that’s not the citizen legislators that our founders envisioned. I’m running because I’m outside of that system."

Women Remaking the Republican Party

Nine Women Remaking the Right

If a former Miss America and Harvard-trained lawyer doesn't get your attention, maybe the unmitigated crap this woman is taking from some of the men in her own party will reveal the tenacity she's using to unseat a fellow Republican in Illinois's 13th Congressional District. 

Miss America vs. Mr. Incumbent

Weekly Standard Article about the race

“I’ve seen firsthand the need for there to be a space in public life for religious groups to be able to offer service to their fellow man,” she says. When government seeks to quarantine religious organizations, moving from freedom of religion to “freedom of worship” (to use the formulation President Obama favors), “it’s far too limiting in terms of the good they can do for the public, and it’s far too restrictive in terms of the protections which are afforded religious groups by the Constitution."

Erika Named as an Up and Comer

Newsmax's top women of the GOP.

Erika Harold was listed as one of six up and coming Republican women joining Rep. Kristi Noem and Sen. Deb Fischer on the list.


Fox and Friends Appearance

Fox and Friends Appearance on June 10, 2013

Video here.


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