Erika on the Issues

Taxation and Regulation

A flourishing economy requires fiscal policies that create a climate conducive to the expansion of businesses and job opportunities.  These policies include: a regulatory framework that does not inhibit innovation or create excessive layers of bureaucracy; a modernized and streamlined tax code that does not increase the tax burden upon individuals and businesses; and a strategic plan containing quantifiable benchmarks to reduce the national debt and indebtedness to foreign entities.  In an effort to stem the rise of burdensome regulations, I will support efforts to narrow the scope of the powers delegated to administrative agencies.  Additionally, I will support tax reform policies aimed at simplifying the tax code.  I also will oppose proposals to increase individual marginal tax rates or capital gains tax rates. 


Agriculture is both a leading industry and a cherished way of life in Illinois’ 13th Congressional District.  In order to ensure that farmers have the safeguards needed to continue operating their farms in an economically viable manner, I will be a strong proponent of a robust crop insurance program.  Additionally, I will oppose the passage and implementation of burdensome regulations that undermine the agricultural industry and unnecessarily increase production costs.  Recognizing the increasing global demand for sustainable and renewable energy sources, I also will support biofuels as a tool for addressing those demands.

Constitutional Rights

One of the hallmarks of our democratic system of governance is the respect for individual liberties and the understanding that these enshrined freedoms serve as proper limits on governmental power.  Accordingly, I will oppose efforts to abridge the rights enumerated in our Constitution.  Drawing upon my experience as a lawyer advising faith-based institutions, I will champion the First Amendment rights to the free exercise of religion and the freedom of association.  I also will support the law-abiding citizen’s Second Amendment right to bear arms and will oppose efforts to encroach upon that right.

Human Dignity

The signatories of the Declaration of Independence declared: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Consistent with this ethos of respect for the value of each human being, I am pro-life.  Based upon my experiences as a lawyer and a member of Prison Fellowship’s board of directors, I also support policies that affirm human dignity and promote reform within the criminal justice system.  Whether it is reevaluating mandatory minimum sentences for certain non-violent offenses or emphasizing reentry programs as part of a proper parole system, I will support criminal justice reform measures that seek to reduce our nation’s recidivism rate and rehabilitate individuals who show potential for such reform.  These measures not only are reflective of the conservative principle of ensuring good governmental stewardship of tax dollars but also promote a sense of restorative justice. 


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