Newsletter February 13, 2014


McLean County Republicans honored Presidents Lincoln and Reagan at a luncheon on Saturday in Bloomington. The program took place at the Double Tree Conference Center and featured Republican candidates for several offices including the gubernatorial candidates, U. S. Senate Candidates and others. Erika spoke to the assembly as the only 13th Congressional Candidate in attendance and presented a message about her motivation for running, her vision for serving and the advantage her candidacy would have against any Democratic opponent.

That evening, Erika spoke at the Greene County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner and shared her commitment to protecting our nation’s veterans and ensuring that they receive the benefits they earned. Many well-wishers voiced appreciation following both of these events, and several undecided voters told Erika that her speeches helped persuade them to support her candidacy.

Waynesville_Town_Hall.jpgWAYNESVILLE TOWN HALL

 Saturday morning, despite the freezing cold, a good crowd gathered in the Waynesville Township Library to meet Erika and ask questions the voters of Waynesville felt were important. The Waynesville Town Hall was yet another effort to reach the voters of the 13th Congressional District no matter the size or location of the community. 

The hard work of volunteers like Davie Swan makes all the difference to the success of such events. There were those in attendance that came with one candidate in mind to support and left fully supporting Erika, taking yard signs and sharing words of encouragement.


Volunteers.jpgThe next town hall meeting on the schedule is in Bloomington, on February 13th, at the Public Library, 205 E. Olive Street. Volunteers are busy passing out informational flyers about the event as well as calling Republican voters to invite them to the meeting. The town hall begins at 6:30 and will end at 8:00. Everyone is urged to come early to secure good seating. The meeting will be in the Community Room of the library. Light refreshments will be served. Yard signs also will be available to take home.


Jan. 30 Letter- “I will vote for Erika Harold in March to send a message that it will not be business as usual, that we the people have a voice and we will be heard.”

Feb. 9 Letter- "This is the woman to upset the apple cart! She is everything I want. She has a love and knowledge of the 13th District. She has a first love for the Constitution. She believes in less federal control, more state. I urge you to go to her website to hear from her not me. I can't do her justice."


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