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October 22, 2013

Another busy week of campaigning has passed, and we continue to move forward, meeting new people and attacting new volunteers to our efforts.

Around the District
ErikaLowerTownHall.jpgOn Tuesday night I was honored to be the guest of Bloomington Alderman Kevin Lower at a town hall meeting he hosted in Ward 1. Kevin’s dedication to speaking with and directly engaging his constituents is to be commended.

On Saturday, we had a wonderful morning in Decatur at a local church and then participated in a family BBQ and forum hosted by the Macoupin County Republican Party. In every county organization across the district, we see energy and enthusiasm as we approach this critical election year.

Volunteers at Work
Volunteers are busy making phone calls, building our database, and collecting signatures on petitions. Please drop us a note if you’d like to help in anyway. Even an hour or two can help carry the campaign to victory!

While the government shutdown ended this past week, the ultimate deal that was struck, along with the process that led our country to the brink of default, illustrates the dysfunction in Washington that so frustrates the American people and understandably erodes their trust in the political establishment. Instead of pursuing long-term solutions that address the very real issues of our escalating national debt and many concerns relating to the Affordable Care Act, the country had to settle for a short-term solution that fails to resolve either of these issues. We can and must do better. 

If you've already collected signatures on your petition, you can mail it to us or call us to arrange a pickup. Furthermore, if you've filled up one sheet already, please feel free to download another copy of the petition at and begin obtaining additional signatures.  We will continue to circulate until the filing date in November, but by returning your petition early we can begin the process of validating signatures to prevent legal challenges to the signatures. 

Connect Your Friends
You can greatly help our campaign by sharing our Facebook posts, retweeting our tweets, and forwarding this newsletter to your friends! Thanks again for all that you do to help connect others with our campaign!! 

With Gratitude,

Erika Harold

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