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Every day, our campaign gains momentum. I sincerely appreciate all of the people who are volunteering and the new people who signed up this past week to receive our newsletter. It seems that every obstacle that is placed in our way yields more stepping-stones as more people sign up to support our campaign.

Around the District

ErikaPetitionsC.jpgCollecting signatures on petitions comprised a major part of this past week's efforts. I joined volunteers in collecting signatures in Decatur on Thursday and we obtained additional signatures in Champaign on Saturday. The more signatures we collect the better chance we stand of staving off a frivolous lawsuit designed to try to prevent us from securing a place on the March 18, 2014 Republican primary ballot.

On Friday, we marched in the University of Illinois’ homecoming parade. As a proud 2001 alumna, it felt great to be back on campus. If you’d like to see some pictures from the parade, you can find them at our Facebook page.

Traveling throughout the massive 13th District can seem daunting, but entering a room filled with enthusiastic conservatives at the end of a long trip is energizing. We found this to be the case on Sunday when we attended the Alton Godfrey Foster Republican Committee’s fundraiser. These Republicans were energized about their mission of bringing conservative principles to new voters, and we were pleased to support their efforts.

Volunteers at Work

As noted above, volunteers are busily gathering signatures for our petitions. If you’d like to help us collect signatures of 13th District voters, you can download a copy of the petition here. Additionally, volunteers are calling voters throughout the district to provide them with information about our campaign. Finally, the recent decision by the Illinois Republican Party to deny us access to the Republican voter database makes it even more critical to have volunteers who will work to help us create our own database. If you’d like to help support our efforts please call us at 877-598-9735 or email us at, and we’ll help you find ways of getting involved with our campaign.

In the News

Many of you have heard about the challenges our campaign has faced from some establishment Republican leaders. Be assured that these challenges only reinforce for us and for many others throughout the district the importance of bringing new people and ideas to the Republican Party, and our campaign is committed to bringing these new ideas to the people of the 13th District.


Erika Harold

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