Newsletter December 3, 2013

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This past Saturday was Small Business Saturday, designed to support local small businesses. Not only do small businesses create jobs and economic opportunities, but they also enhance communities by donating items for charitable auctions, placing ads in various programs and bulletins, and showcasing local products and services. I shopped at Art Mart in Urbana, one of my favorite small businesses, and was pleased to see so many people throughout the district supporting the small businesses within their communities.

ClintonChristmas.jpgThe holiday season brings a host of parades around the district, and we walked in Clinton and Champaign last week. These festivities are great opportunities to celebrate community traditions and create fond memories with friends and family.

Debates Being Stalled

Voters throughout the district have been inquiring as to when debates will be held. As I believe that voters deserve the opportunity to hear from and compare those who seek to represent them, I have committed to participating in a debate in each of the fourteen counties that comprise the district. I then sent Representative Rodney Davis a letter, inviting him to hold a series of debates throughout the district. Representative Davis, however, has failed to respond to the invitation. When reporters asked him about potential debates, Representative Davis suggested that voters could go to Youtube to and see his performance in forums from a year-and-a-half ago.

Nine media outlets already have offered to co-host and/or co-sponsor debates, and voters want to see spirited debates on the current issues of the day. Accordingly, we will continue to advocate for debates in order to ensure that voters are able to be fully informed in this primary election.

Volunteers are Engaged

Our dedicated volunteers are the lifeblood of the campaign. From collecting nearly 2,000 signatures for our petitions to volunteering at campaign events, our volunteers have been invaluable. If you would like to help the campaign by making calls to voters, putting up yard signs, or helping with data entry, please sign up now to volunteer. If you’ve already signed up as a volunteer at our website, you can expect a call in the next week. Every volunteer that helps with the campaign helps us to share our message of limited government and economic growth with voters throughout the district.


Erika Harold

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