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We are now circulating petitions to get on the ballot next March.  You can download a copy of the petition here.

Petition for Download

You must be at least 18 to circulate the petition, but you do not need to be a registered voter in the district.  The only people eligible sign the petition are voters within the district.  If someone has a question about what district they live in, they may call their local election official or they may check their registration status at the State Board of Elections website.

It is very important that the person circulating the petition actually witness the signatures.  You can not leave a petition unattended on a table or counter for people to sign.  A petition sheet does not need to be filled in order to be valid, so if you only collect 3 or 4 signatures, we still would appreciate having it returned to us.

After you are done circulating a sheet, you should sign it in front of a notary.  You can then return it to us by mailing it to Erika for Congress, PO Box 368, Urbana, IL 61803.  Or you can call us at 877-598-9735 to arrange a time for us to get it from you on one of our trips into your area.

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